1.  When we get ready for dinner, I have to take my books________________ the table.
A.  offB.  fromC.  outD.  of
2.  It was a long walk, so she began walking slowly ________________ the town.
A.  forB.  towardsC.  untilD.  at
3.  The break will be held right ________________ the tutorial.
A.  atB.  afterC.  overD.  beyond
4.  How long ________________?
-For two years only. Then my wife died in a car accident.
-Oh, I'm so sorry

A.  have you been marriedB.  were you marriedC.  you've been marriedD.  you was married
5.  She ________________ three letters this morning, but she ________________ them yet although it is already 3:00pm.
A.  wrote, hasn't postedB.  has written, hasn't postedC.  has written, haven't postedD.  wrote, haven't posted
6.  What ________________ like yesterday?
A.  the weather wasB.  the weather has beenC.  was the weatherD.  has the weather been
7.  February, which is the second month of the year, is the month ________________ many of my colleagues take vacation for skiing.
A.  whichB.  in whichC.  whereD.  whom
8.  The dress ________________ the movie star is wearing weighs about fifty pounds.
A.  whomB.  whereC.  whichD.  whose
9.  The old words you see on the board, most ________________ were becoming obsolete, are now trending again.
A.  whereB.  whoseC.  whomD.  of which
10.  Those ________________ refused to show proper identification were not allowed into the building.
A.  whoB.  whenC.  whomD.  in which